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FNQ One Act Play Festival 5th April

Malanda Theatre Group

The One Act Play Festival was a winner.  Two sessions of short plays, and a full house at each.  The Rondo offered three plays—“Children of the Levant”, written by local playwright, Ken Cotteral, gave the view of life in a war zone and really reached out to the audience; ‘A Dog’s Life’ had a plump French Poodle, with beret, wiggly bottom and ‘oh so French’ accent; a German Shepherd, whose fur was army fatigues; a small puppy whose main interest was food and a sad old bitzer who remembered his own human with great love.  Funny, funny, until the last two minutes.  Then—an audience in tears.  Lastly, Narelle Shorey and Mike Carette revived ‘Countdown’, a piece from years ago.  So funny, but so touching.   For me, the finale as the actors walked off stage and behind the curtain, to see Mike give Narelle a big hug that said “after all those years, we’ve done it again”, was beautiful to watch.
Bev Blauuw